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      fix test cases · f7b43a54
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      Merge branch 'master' into weigl/kp2 · 09d26df9
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      * master:
        fixing settings dialog glitches
        RunAllProofs in UI
        Refactoring of the testgen UI into separate module to reduce the compile dependency.
        add textareas to the settings dialog
        Fixing some smaller GUI glitches in settings dialog
        fixing smaller issues with the settings GUI
      # Conflicts:
      #	key/settings.gradle
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      Merge branch 'weigl/guirap' into 'master' · 9a2dbaee
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      RunAllProofs in UI
      This MR adds an action (under `file -> prove -> run all proofs`) in experimental mode
      that allows an automatically running of a user- and pre-defined set of proofs in the UI.
      These proofs are defined via file (each line is a proof-file) and can be given  via `export KEY_RUNALLPROOFS_UI_FILE=...`.
      See merge request key/key!335
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      RunAllProofs in UI · e66f8986
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      Merge branch 'weigl/testgen' into 'master' · f80c0d24
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      Testgen UI via UI extension
      The module `key.core.testgen` is currently not maintained. This MR lowers the dependencies of `key.ui` to this module, allowing an easy removal of `key.core.testgen` in the future.
      This MR refactors out the classes depending on `key.core.testgen` in `key.ui` into a separate module `keyext.ui.testgen`. I also fixed the errors and smells identified by SonarQube.
      **All features of testgen are still available in KeY ui.**
      ## Changes
      * New gradle module `keyext.ui.testgen`
        * containing the old classes for actions, settings panel etc. from `key.ui`
        * `KeyGuiExtension` implementation to provide main-menu entries and toolbar.
      * Change the dependency from `compile 'key.core.testgen` to `runtimeOnly 'keyext.ui.testgen`.
      See merge request key/key!324
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      Refactoring of the testgen UI into separate module to reduce the compile dependency. · 66838c2d
      Alexander Weigl authored
      testgen has currently no maintainer.
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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into weigl/kp2 · c0a20122
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      * origin/master:
        replace GenRAP
        More Awareness for SonarQube Results
        Update .gitlab-ci.yml file
        Reports checkstyle issues via the codequality interface of gitlab-ci.
        Fix NullPointerException in absence of a source code file
        Improve automation with a rule dealing with nonNull(heap, null, sz) cases
        closes #1558
        fixing #991
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