Commit 61a7d2eb authored by Alexander Weigl's avatar Alexander Weigl
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added comment to KeYParser.g4 as requested

parent c0a20122
......@@ -404,6 +404,15 @@ primitive_term:
weigl, 2021-03-12:
It would be nice if the following left-recursion would work.
ANTLR4 supports left-recursion, but their implementated resolution of left-recursion
does not resolve a working grammar, that adheres the term precedence of KeY.
We are using the old grammar rules of the KeYParser.g (ANTLR3).
Maybe someone with more understanding of ANTLR4 could solve the problem and
write a more readable grammar.
term (LGUILLEMETS labels = label RGUILLEMETS) #termLabeled
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